Tools of the trade: Madam Sew Presser Foot Set Review

If there’s one thing I love, it’s great sewing tools – anything that helps me take my creativity to the next level and up my sewing game. So when Madam Sew reached out to me recently and asked if I’d like to play with their incredible presser foot set, what could I say but YES,  A THOUSAND TIMES YES.

The Madam Sew 32 Piece Presser Foot Set is most certainly a *drool-worthy* selection of tools, even for an advanced sewer. The sheer range of feet included was enough to immediately have my brain ticking over with ideas for projects. In terms of decorative feet, there’s pin-tucking feet, piping and cording feet, an appliqué foot; on the technical side of things there’s zipper feet, roller and non-stick feet, darning feet and hemming feet. There a feet I never even dreamed would EXIST in this set. Imagine having to hand a presser foot for every conceivable sewing need – a foot for stitch-in-the-ditch, a foot for tricky parallel stitching lines, a FOOT FOR ATTACHING FRINGE – well, my friends, this set has you covered.


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Put a label on it!

I’m sure all of you would agree that those of us who sew our own clothes love little more than the satisfaction of adding little personal details and touches make our things truly individual. One particularly cool way of doing this is by using custom clothing labels! I’d seen other sewists add these to their makes before and been intrigued – they’re such a sweet touch which make the garment seem both more polished and professional and more unique. I’d been considering getting some of my own made for a while but not found anything that particularly caught my eye, when Abby from the Dutch Label Shop contacted me about trying their products. It seemed the perfect opportunity, so I was only to happy to take up the offer!


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Good Things Come in Small Packages

The giveaway is now closed! Thank you to everyone who participated, the winner will be announced in a few days! 🙂

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not a huge fan of suspense (unless it’s in a Hitchcock movie, in which case, bring it on). So I’m glad that I can finally announce the “little something” I’ve been hinting at for the last couple of weeks! As a thank you for all the support, encouragement and welcome I have received so far, I’m doing a little giveaway! I initially planned this to celebrate reaching 100 followers, but things got away from me a bit, so we’re now going to celebrate the 150 followers milestone instead! 😀

Given that lingerie-making is something close to my heart, I decided that I’d put together some bra-making supplies to give away! One of the most common questions I see relating to the topic is: where do I find supplies? So here I’ll list the components of the kit I’ve put together and where they came from…and one lucky person will get these supplies sent to them!

Bra Kit

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