Summer Blossom Maya Bra

Summer Blossoms Part II

I know I said at the end of the last post I was taking a bit of a break from lingerie sewing – and I haven’t relapsed yet! I actually sewed these up ages ago, but only finished them completely and got around to taking photos the other week. So enjoy my last bra for a little while!

Remember that lovely floral lycra lingerie set I posted a few weeks ago? Well, now you can meet its twin! Say hello to the rest of my little summer blossom lingerie family, a Maya, a MIX30 and a new little garter belt!


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Testing Times: Making AFI’s Maya Bra

Despite my constant avowals that I have found it, the one, my true lingerie-pattern love, we all know by now I think, that there a few things I love more than trying a new pattern. Even though at this point, I’ve found some patterns I adore which work beautifully for my size and shape (I’m looking at you, Boylston and Grace!), I think it’s still good to try new things, to find new styles and designs – after all, as anyone who wears lingerie knows, just one type of bra does not a good lingerie wardrobe make!

Over the last few months, I’ve so enjoyed watching Ana of AFI’s journey and progress in drafting and trialling her own bra pattern (and general being in awe of her skills). So I was pretty thrilled when she sent out a call for pattern testers for the Maya bra! I immediately signed up, and she very promptly sent through the file in my requested size, UK 30E (US 30F, AUS 8E, EU 65F). The file was pattern only, with no instructions (though Ana provides very detailed ones on her blog). One thing I really appreciated about the pattern itself was the pieces included; not only all those required to sew the bra, but additional back pieces to make a three-hook or two hook version, and the cup pieces with seam allowance removed to use with cut and sew foam.

Maya bra

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