Behind the Seams: Bra-Lining Tutorial

So now that I’m as free as a metaphorical bird, I’m finally able to deliver on a long-promised post of mine: a tutorial on the method I use to line my bra cups! The main reason why it’s been a long time coming is not that I’ve been too busy, but actually that it’s been quite a while since I’ve sewn a bra that didn’t have foam cups. I sewed up another Marlborough last week, however, so I’m now pleased to present the tutorial in full. I apologise for the poor choice of fabric; the black and gold lace, while stunning, does not make it exactly easy to see what I’m doing. I’ve done my best with the photos however, and I hope my explanations are sufficiently clear (if not, please let me know!).

Now, this method will work for any bra pattern with: two or more cup pieces; a fashion fabric and a lining. That being said, I think this method works best for patterns with 2-3 pieces.


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Odds, Ends & Best Laid Plans

The giveaway is now closed! Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner in the next few days!

September’s a bit of a funny time of year, I think; for those of us in the southern hemisphere, anyway, it’s usually around this time we have a bit of a break and a holiday, and spring has just sprung – but at the same time, it’s starting to get to the pointy end of the year (some evil person someone pointed out to me the other day that one of my exams is in less than two months)…and being Melbourne, spring has sprung in name only and outside my window right now is nothing but clouds and drizzle. And then again, the shops have all got the Christmas gear out, which I object to on principle, but secretly find very exciting because CHRISTMAS.

So similarly, today is a bit of an unusual post – rather than having a finished make or tutorial to share with you, I have a few unblogged odds and ends, and some exciting (in my view, anyways) projects 🙂

Those of you who have been following the amazing Bra-A-Week Challenge this year (hosted by Erin, and over the northern summer, Michelle), would have seen the next two makes of mine a couple of weeks ago – a bra I made for my sister’s birthday present, and a pair of Ohhh Lulu’s Alice tap pants to match some lingerie I already owned.


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La Vie en Rose

Guys, I am so in love. And it’s not just that I’ve been listening to too much Édith Piaf (there’s no such thing, anyway), and yes, maybe it’s with a sewing pattern and not a person, but allow me to introduce my new paramour: the Boylston bra pattern. I may actually never make another bra pattern again (unless it’s more Watsons. You always need more Watsons). Because this bra is so phenomenal, I can’t imagine WANTING to.

Rose Boylston bra

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Thoroughly Modern Maddy

Does anyone here have favourite sayings? Because I have a couple: “short and sweet”, “better late than never”…and today’s post is going to be both of those things! I try to stick to a rough posting schedule of once a week on Thursday, but this week – well, things got away from me a bit. This was the last week of my mid-year break, so there’s been a lot to do! Also it was my not-so-little-now-sister’s birthday, there’s been a lot of last minute sewing going on…(which I can’t wait to share!)

Anyway, I’ve had these done for a little while now, and I’ve finally gotten myself organised enough to share them – proudly presenting Marlborough #3…and the matching Alice tap pants!

Coral Marlborough Bra

Coral Alice Tap Pants

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Something WICKED This Way Comes

Remember that pretty pink lacy Marlborough bra I made a couple of weeks ago? The fit and shaping were okay, but I knew some adjustments were required if I was going to make it again. I’d never done alterations on a bra pattern before, so I was pretty nervous that it wouldn’t work out well. So I instead of cutting into one of my lovely kits or beautiful laces, I went for this ridiculous neon-green lace I had in my stash, a real retro-looking piece of work that I suspect was “gifted” to me by one of my grandmothers. And out of it, came this rather wicked looking number…

Elphaba Bra

Altered Marlborough bra, 32DD

Isn’t it crazy? My sister called it an “Elphaba” bra, after the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz, and of course, the musical Wicked. And I think it rather suits! It’s green and black, freaky and really kind of pretty in a very different way to the frilly, girly Glinda-esque bras I’ve made in the past. And as everyone here knows, I can’t leave my bras without a friend; so a matching pair of Ohhh Lulu Grace panties to keep it company.

Elphaba Panties

Ohhh Lulu Grace panties, XS

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Marlborough Fair

I’d apologise for the terrible play on words in the title of this post, but I’m not sorry at all.

I finally did it! I present to you, with much pride and delight, my first me-made underwire bra!

Marlborough bra in pink milliskin, 32DD

Marlborough bra in pink milliskin, 32DD

I made up Orange Lingerie’s Marlborough bra in size 32DD, from pink milliskin from my Grey’s Fabric Watson Kit (man, I must have gotten about $200 value from that kit by now!). And I am so delighted with it! It might not be perfect, but it’s a good-looking, reasonably well-fitting, wonderfully supportive bra MADE BY ME.

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