Spring Has Sprung

…well, apparently it has. Here in good old temperamental Melbourne we’ve been alternating between days of twenty degrees and thirteen, which in my mind at least, a spring makes not. But the season has changed at least, which is always a good excuse to do some sorting, sewing, and of course, bust out some florals!


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Back to Black Watson Bikini

Back to Black

It feels so good to be posting again! I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post, and I’ve missed it so much – yet another reason to look forward to my mid-year break. Still, though I’ve been quiet I have been getting in some sewing, and I’m so glad to be able to share it with you now – especially given how happy I am with these makes 😀

I had noticed a little while ago that there was a bit of a gap in my lingerie wardrobe; I didn’t own a single plain black bra! Which did seem a little ridiculous for someone who has over twenty bras… Also, a few months ago, I became completely smitten with this Playful Promises set, and while I tossed up on buying it, ultimately I couldn’t afford it 😦 But its simplicity of design got me thinking – as did the bolt of black stretch satin sitting in my grandmother’s fabric stash. Here are the results of my endeavours!

Back to Black Lingerie Set

For this set, I used my favourite Boylston bra and Watson bikini patterns, as well as a new one, the Ohhh Lulu Greta garter belt pattern. And I am pretty damn pleased with how they all turned out!

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White Meringue Pocket Boxer

Fancy a bit of meringue?

So I was sticking quite well to my break-from-lingerie-sewing resolution. I’ve managed to churn out quite a few articles of clothing over the last month or two, and I was quite proud of myself. But then it struck – halfway through working on a new shirt, sew-jo fled. Vanished. I had zero desire to work on this shirt. Turned out I wasn’t turned off all sewing, however – because I whipped up a dirndl skirt using one metre of polka dot poplin from the Lincraft half-price sale (a dangerous, dangerous place) in about two hours. “Oh, I just needed a break from the drudgery of shirt-making,” I thought. “I will definitely finish this shirt now”. Well, the shirt is still sitting about two-thirds finished on my desk. I said I wasn’t allowed to make anything else until it was finished. But then I remembered it was lace month on the Bra-A-Week Challenge…and that this would be my last week to get a submission together…and I had this really, really pretty lace I wanted to use…

I’ll spare you the rest of my justifications – we all know I’d rather make frosting than cake! – here’s my veritable *meringue* of a lingerie set:

White Meringue Lingerie set

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Summer Blossom Maya Bra

Summer Blossoms Part II

I know I said at the end of the last post I was taking a bit of a break from lingerie sewing – and I haven’t relapsed yet! I actually sewed these up ages ago, but only finished them completely and got around to taking photos the other week. So enjoy my last bra for a little while!

Remember that lovely floral lycra lingerie set I posted a few weeks ago? Well, now you can meet its twin! Say hello to the rest of my little summer blossom lingerie family, a Maya, a MIX30 and a new little garter belt!


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Black Lace Sierra

Elegant Sufficiency

Finally, the last of my Christmas sewing posts! Though my sister knew that she was getting bathers for part of her present, and had actually helped design them, I also wanted to give her something that she wasn’t expecting. I decided to give her another me-made gift, partly because they’re so thoughtful and personal, and partly because I can make much nicer things than I can afford to buy 😉 I’d shown her the Sierra bra pattern by Madalynne a couple of months ago and she’d loved it (pretty bralettes are definitely her lingerie aesthetic), and as I was trying not to go too overboard on the budget front, I couldn’t go past a free pattern. My sister and I had both thought the illustration was pretty as, and the finished product did not disappoint!

Black Lace Sierra

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Follies at Sea

One of the biggest inspirations on my lingerie-sewing journey this year has been, without a doubt, Emerald Erin and her Bra-A-Week challenge. Not only was it hugely motivating seeing my fellow sewists and bloggers undertaking the challenge of sewing their own lingerie, spurring me on to finally have a go myself, but Erin’s own makes are unfailingly fabulous and awe-inspiring. From her stunning bras, longlines and corsets to her great explanations of bra theory, it’s a great resource as well as serious eye-candy (so, if you haven’t checked it out or submitted a lingerie make yet, I definitely recommend you do!). But possibly my favourite makes of Erin’s this year have been her gorgeous swimwear creations. Much like my initial hesitation to sew bras before seeing the challenge, I’m sure it would’ve taken me much, much longer to get around to bathers if I hadn’t been so taken with the pieces Erin came up with! As it is, I’ve been sitting on this for a few months, but I’m now very pleased to present my first me-made bikini!

Tropical Blooms Bikini

The bikini top is a modified Orange Lingerie Boylston bra, and the bottoms altered Ohhh Lulu Graces. The outer fabric is swimwear lycra from Rathdowne Fabrics & Remnants, and the lining is swimwear lining from Booby Traps, as are the g-hooks at the back. The swimwear elastics came from Spotlight. And if I do say so myself, it’s a damn fine pair of bathers!

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Summer Blossoms Part I

It’s a funny thing; how one longs for the holidays for a respite from the daily grind, and then finds that one is just as busy during the break! I’ll happily admit, however, that I’m busy with far more agreeable things than constant study and work – though I am really beginning to wonder exactly how I managed to find time for sewing during semester, especially considering how well I ended up doing on my assessments! 😛

I really have been sewing up a storm lately, and this means I’ve finally had a chance to work my way through some projects I’d been sitting on for quite some time. For example, I’ve finally almost sewn up all the Merckwaerdigh kits that I bought during the year – the one I’m posting about today, is in fact the last of them (though not the last you’ll see of this particular one…). For this set, I decided on a Boylston bra, with a Watson bikini to match:

Blossom Lingerie Set

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