And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

When I first started this blog,  a little over half a year ago, I was unsure about a lot of things: would I be able to keep it up? Did I actually have anything worthwhile to contribute?  And would anyone be interested in what I had to say?

Turns out the answer to these questions was yes, yes and yes. 28 posts, over 27,000 hits and over 500 followers later, I cannot believe the incredible welcome and support I ave received from the lovely little corner of the blogging world inhabited by my fellow sewists. From tips exchanged, inspiration gained and encouragement spread, I cannot believe the amount of love that gets shared around here 🙂 I have treasured every single comment posted here, and so enjoyed seeing everyone else’s creations, triumphs and challenges.

(see: smug smile)

My very first me-made skirt 🙂

So, with the New Year almost upon us, I thought a recap of 2015 was in order! Looking back, I was actually pretty astonished by my sheer levels of productivity this year. At times I felt so short of time that I couldn’t make nearly half the things I wanted to; now I think that it’s just as well I had some limitations, otherwise my wardrobe and drawers would be even more overflowing than they are! Even with my busy double life as a med student, this year I managed to make:

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Jungle Summer Bikini Bottoms

The Imitation Game

I am, by nature, a fairly selfish sewer. It’s not because I don’t want to make things for others; my sister could tell you the number of times I’ve excitedly exclaimed, “Oh I really want to make one of those for you!” (which she acknowledges with an amused “okay”, that seems to indicate her of knowledge of the likelihood of ever actually receiving said item). But when it comes down to it, I generally have so little time to sew that I barely have time to make any of the things I want for myself, let alone all the things I’d love to make for my friends and family. However, given that the holidays had left me with a little more time than usual at my disposal, I bravely decided to do some me-made Christmas gifts – and I vowed that they would be completed before December 25.

I am pleased to say, I succeeded there, and my mum and sister did receive their gifts on Christmas morning. The first of these to share with you today – two-piece bathers for my sister!

Jungle Summer Bikini Top

Jungle Summer Bikini Bottoms

The swimwear lycra is again from Rathdowne, the lining and elastics the same as those I used for my own bikini a few weeks ago, and from Booby Traps and Spotlight respectively. And aren’t they a swell little set?

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Follies at Sea

One of the biggest inspirations on my lingerie-sewing journey this year has been, without a doubt, Emerald Erin and her Bra-A-Week challenge. Not only was it hugely motivating seeing my fellow sewists and bloggers undertaking the challenge of sewing their own lingerie, spurring me on to finally have a go myself, but Erin’s own makes are unfailingly fabulous and awe-inspiring. From her stunning bras, longlines and corsets to her great explanations of bra theory, it’s a great resource as well as serious eye-candy (so, if you haven’t checked it out or submitted a lingerie make yet, I definitely recommend you do!). But possibly my favourite makes of Erin’s this year have been her gorgeous swimwear creations. Much like my initial hesitation to sew bras before seeing the challenge, I’m sure it would’ve taken me much, much longer to get around to bathers if I hadn’t been so taken with the pieces Erin came up with! As it is, I’ve been sitting on this for a few months, but I’m now very pleased to present my first me-made bikini!

Tropical Blooms Bikini

The bikini top is a modified Orange Lingerie Boylston bra, and the bottoms altered Ohhh Lulu Graces. The outer fabric is swimwear lycra from Rathdowne Fabrics & Remnants, and the lining is swimwear lining from Booby Traps, as are the g-hooks at the back. The swimwear elastics came from Spotlight. And if I do say so myself, it’s a damn fine pair of bathers!

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