The Cat’s Pyjamas

I feel I should preface this post by saying, no, I did not call this post about my sister’s pyjamas the cat’s pyjamas because I think she is an animal – I just wanted to use a cool bit of 1920s slang that was vaguely related to my post content 😛


Sooooo I think we all know I’m a bit of a selfish sewer – and I’m not ashamed of it! As many of us makes know, creating garments is hobby that takes a lot of time and skill, and as much as I’d love to sew heaps of things for all my friends and family, I barely have time to make the things I want for myself. But when it comes to gifts, I try and make a bit more of an effort – I really do love giving people close to me the special present of something that’s been made just for them. This comes with it’s own challenges – I tend to put off and procrastinate on making presents right until the last minute, as I’m always more worried about them not turning out well than I am about the things I make for myself. Usually, I do make the deadline – however every now and then I don’t: my poor, patient sister had to wait a whole year for part of her 18th birthday present! Still, I hope she thinks her custom tartan Carolyn pyjamas were worth the wait!

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Blush Silk Slip

A Slip In Time

I’m back! The whole month of June seemed to slip by so incredibly fast – between my exams, a house move and my three weeks of incredibly jam-packed holidays, July arrived before I even realised it’d been well over a moth since I’ve managed to post! Not that I’d let myself feel bad about it; things have been incredibly hectic lately, and we all know that life just happens sometimes and you have to let some things slide – but still, I never want to just fade away from existence in the sewing blogging community, I love this corner of the internet far too much 🙂 But however busy the last few weeks have been for me, they have still been very productive for sewing! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll have seen a little preview of my sewing area – I can’t wait to share it with you properly (once I’ve tidied it up a bit more and taken some proper photos 😉 ). But the absolutely lovely new space I have to sew in has been extremely inspiring, and I’ve finally gotten through a bunch of projects that have been sitting in my queue for months! And first up, I’ll be sharing projects made in my favourite fabric of all – remnants!

I ask you kindly and humbly to please bow down to me as your remnant queen, because what I’m about to share with you is, I think, deserving of the title. Two metres of amaaaaaazingly lush silk from Rathdowne Fabrics for $15 – and what better use for it than some incredibly luxurious underwear??


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Floral Fifi Pyjama Top

The Sweetest Slumber

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’ve all recovered from the festive season, and are settling back into the swing of things in 2016. I’m currently holidaying on a gorgeous tropical island – or I will be, as I’m actually writing to you from the past (go past me for being organised enough to schedule my posts!). So I hope 2016 is a fun place 😉

Continuing on with my Christmas makes: mum’s present! I knew I wanted to make something a bit special for mum – and what’s more special than a really pretty pair of pjs? 🙂 I’d been wanting the Fifi pattern from Tilly and the Buttons for a while, and here was the perfect excuse (anyone else seeing a theme here?). So here they are made up for mum, in a beautiful floral cotton lawn. Aren’t they lovely?

Floral Fifi Pyjama Top

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