My sewing space

A Bounty of Gifts

Soooo it’s been almost six months since my birthday at this point – and I still haven’t gotten around to showing off some of the amazing sewing-related gifts I was lucky enough to receive! You’ve all already heard about one or two of them – the gorgeous fabric my sister gave to me, and the overlocker from my grandmother and aunties, but there are still some great ones to share! Also, I’d love to give you all a look at my new sewing space, now that it’s just about finished – so here it is!

My sewing space

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Fast Fashion & Sensible Sewing

A bit of a change of pace today lads (if there are lads? make yourselves known!) and lasses – I’m not sharing a make this week! Not that I don’t have makes to share (believe me, the backlog is real), but I wanted to take this chance to reflect a little bit on clothing and fashion, and what the year holds in store for me 🙂

I talked a little about discovering my personal style last week, and how mind-blowing (and fun!) that proved to be for me. It also changed the way I shopped and considered clothes a lot. I’ll freely confess that I was something of a fast-fashion addict prior to stumbling across the majestic wonder that is Dior’s New Look. I was constantly buying new clothes, everything from t-shirts to party dresses to shoes, taking home with me any pretty thing that caught my eye. I tried out a lot of different shapes, colours and styles during that time, which certainly wasn’t a bad thing. But after a few wears, I’d tire of them, or decide I didn’t like how they looked on me, and to the back of the cupboard they would go. I also wanted clothes as cheap as I could get them, so many didn’t survive the scant wears they got terribly well either. Sometimes, they didn’t even get worn – I sold a dress at a second-hand market a couple of weeks ago that still had the tags on.


What my wardrobe looked like before the purge…

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And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

When I first started this blog,  a little over half a year ago, I was unsure about a lot of things: would I be able to keep it up? Did I actually have anything worthwhile to contribute?  And would anyone be interested in what I had to say?

Turns out the answer to these questions was yes, yes and yes. 28 posts, over 27,000 hits and over 500 followers later, I cannot believe the incredible welcome and support I ave received from the lovely little corner of the blogging world inhabited by my fellow sewists. From tips exchanged, inspiration gained and encouragement spread, I cannot believe the amount of love that gets shared around here 🙂 I have treasured every single comment posted here, and so enjoyed seeing everyone else’s creations, triumphs and challenges.

(see: smug smile)

My very first me-made skirt 🙂

So, with the New Year almost upon us, I thought a recap of 2015 was in order! Looking back, I was actually pretty astonished by my sheer levels of productivity this year. At times I felt so short of time that I couldn’t make nearly half the things I wanted to; now I think that it’s just as well I had some limitations, otherwise my wardrobe and drawers would be even more overflowing than they are! Even with my busy double life as a med student, this year I managed to make:

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