Behind the Seams: Bra-Lining Tutorial

So now that I’m as free as a metaphorical bird, I’m finally able to deliver on a long-promised post of mine: a tutorial on the method I use to line my bra cups! The main reason why it’s been a long time coming is not that I’ve been too busy, but actually that it’s been quite a while since I’ve sewn a bra that didn’t have foam cups. I sewed up another Marlborough last week, however, so I’m now pleased to present the tutorial in full. I apologise for the poor choice of fabric; the black and gold lace, while stunning, does not make it exactly easy to see what I’m doing. I’ve done my best with the photos however, and I hope my explanations are sufficiently clear (if not, please let me know!).

Now, this method will work for any bra pattern with: two or more cup pieces; a fashion fabric and a lining. That being said, I think this method works best for patterns with 2-3 pieces.


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Who Said Sewing Isn’t Hardcore? An Underwire Cutting Tutorial

As I predicted, semester had been severely getting in the way of my sewing time (as it is wont to do). But it HAS given me the impetus to finally write up this little something which I’ve been sitting on for a while. May I present to you: my very first tutorial!

I never really thought I’d write or post tutorials; I feel like such a relatively inexperienced sewer, it never occurred to me that people might want to see how I did things and learn from it – and I’m forever relying on everyone else’s tutorials myself. But I have had a couple of requests recently about a couple of lingerie making techniques, and I am more than happy to oblige 🙂 First up: how to cut and seal underwires! I feel like this is not a step discussed or used often, even on lingerie-sewing blogs, and I can only assume this is because, unlike me, everyone else magically has underwires that fit their bra patterns. However, I bought mine in bulk, which, whilst great for my budget, has resulted in quite a bit of underwire cutting, as they’re too long for my patterns. Seeing as I’ve got quite the technique down now, I am more than happy to share!

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