Mad as a hatter

Ahoy there friends! It’s coming up to a year since I last managed to post here – last year was my most academically demanding year of university, and took up pretty much all my time and energy up to November. Then it was Christmas a frenzy of sewing (and no blogging) ensued; on Boxing Day I left for an overseas holiday + university placement in the UK. When I arrived back in March, I was off to Bendigo (a town about two hours drive from Melbourne) for a rural placement and didn’t get back till the end of April. In between all of THAT, I’ve been applying for jobs for next year and whilst I was overseas…I got engaged! Hence lots of engagement and wedding-related planning has been going on behind the scenes (though I’ve been posting some updates here and there on Instagram!). Sooooo I think that explains where I’ve been! There has actually been a fair bit of sewing going on despite all of this, so I’m hoping now that I’m keen to make time for writing again in my life, I’ll be able to share what I’ve been up to since then !

Today though, I have a slightly different project to share with you – some millinery escapades! As I continue to delve more in to vintage fashion and dressing, I’ve been trying to up my accessories game: I have a decent glove collection going now, and I’ve been building my vintage jewellery collection. But for ages, the thing I’ve been coveting over anything else has been hats. True vintage hats are hard to find: Melbourne Op shops never seem to have them, eBay is full of pretty sad looking examples, and the ones which have been well-preserved usually far exceed my student budget. Hats are one area which repro hasn’t really touched; and creations by millinery artistes are even further out of my budget than the real deal. So what’s a crafty girl to do? Hit the DIY of course!

Screenshot 2018-06-23 17.04.42

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