Why hello there! My name is Maddy, and on this blog I am documenting my adventures on vintage and retro sewing and fashion.

Ever since I was little, I have had a keen interest in the way I dressed myself. As a child, I wanted nothing more than to array myself in the ballgowns of Disney princesses (who am I kidding, I still do); as a young teenager, I both desperately wanted to follow latest trends, and stick stubbornly to my garments of choice, generally oversized black t-shirts (I for one, am glad this era is behind me). While I have always adored historic and classic fashion (too many period dramas as a child), it was not until the last couple of years that I discovered my passion for vintage and retro fashion, and embraced my now favourite silhouette: that classic 50s hourglass, epitomised by Dior’s New Look. Since then, I’ve branched out into other decades too, from the 20s to the 60s, but I’ll always have a soft spot for full skirts, cinched waists and petticoats.

It’s only fairly recently too, that I rediscovered my love of sewing. I’ve been sewing on and off since I was about eight years old, making many little bits and pieces over the years with much enthusiasm and little finesse, including a rather shapeless dress which I nonetheless adored at fourteen. But all things crafty rather fell by-the-by as I got to the serious end of high school, and I’d rather forgotten the sewing machine sitting rather forlornly in my cupboard until the end of last year. Over the last summer though, through my interminable uni holidays, trying to both cut down on shopping and distract myself a broken heart, I made a simple cotton circle skirt, and I was instantly re-hooked. Despite a very hectic timetable (university, work, tutoring, babysitting…) I try to make time for a bit of sewing as often as I can, as it’s one of the single most enjoyable and relaxing activities I do. Besides, it’s a skill I’m proud of, and the ability to make clothes as I want them for cheaper than I can buy them is something I value very highly.

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  1. Abigail · November 17, 2015

    I love your blog, I can relate to a lot of things you say!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Maddy · November 25, 2015

      Thanks Abigail! I just had a look around your blog, I love your makes 🙂


  2. Ty Tradelius · March 3, 2016

    Hi Maddy! I work for BurdaStyle.com and would love to talk to you about joining our affiliate program. Please send me an email at Ty.Tradelius@fwcommunity.com if you’re interested. Thanks!

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    • Miss Maddy · March 3, 2016

      Wow, thanks for the offer! I’ll definitely shoot you a message 🙂


  3. Fred Drexler · March 17, 2016

    Hi Maddy, I work for Sulky.com and I would like to talk to you about our Affiliate program if you are interested. Send me your email address to fred.drexler@sulky.com. Thanks


  4. Anuj Agarwal · June 17, 2017

    Hi Maddy,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Miss Maddy Sews has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Dressmaking Blogs on the web.


    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 100 Dressmaking Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.


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    • Miss Maddy · June 17, 2017

      Wow, I’m so honoured! What a great list 🙂 thanks so much for contacting me to let me know!


  5. Michelle Penwell · April 13

    I have just found your blog and other than The Foldline it is the only one I have found that I want to read regularly. I love your style and I can’t wait to get stuck in! x

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    • Miss Maddy · 24 Days Ago

      Thank you so much Michelle! Sorry there hasn’t been much content forthcoming this year, but that’s about to change 😉


  6. Lisa Kok · 10 Hours Ago

    Hi Maddy,

    Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that your blog has been included in our Top 30 Sewing Blogs 2018 which can be found on our website.

    My team has been in constant search for the best sewing blogs and during my own exploration I stumbled upon your site. Your blog contains a lot of interesting blog posts, I especially enjoyed the article about Pencil it in where you mentioned the real feature of this make is the fabric – piece of vintage green wool I snapped up at Savers for a couple of bucks.

    I hope you will enjoy being included in the list, and the extra promotion this creates for your blog.

    We have also created a special badge for you that you can post on your blog: https://coupon.co.th/banners/banners-for-top-30-sewing-blogs

    I would like to answer any questions you may have, or hear your feedback about the list. Please feel free to send me a message.

    Keep up the good work!

    Lisa Kok,
    Junior Project Manager

    URL: http://coupon.co.th


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