Lady Greensleeves

Did anyone read The Crafty Pinup’s recent post about sewing and motivation? It’s a really great read with some excellent tips on helping you get your creativity back in to gear – which I’ve definitely needed lately! When there’s a fiddly or complicated project sitting on my sewing table, my sewjo can really take a hit – like with that silk trench coat from last year that’s still only about 30% done (I swear I will finish it…eventually…), or the green shirt dress that I cut out almost a year ago, started sewing up about six weeks ago…and just finished last weekend 😛 Still, I’m always proud of myself whenever I complete a project, especially if it’s one that took me a long time; and even moreso in this case, as I took the trouble to take my time and finish every thing really nicely – and I think the result it well worth it!


The bodice from this dress is Simplicity 1880, the same pattern I used to make my bright red shirtdress last year – but this time I used the Monroe sleeve pattern from Boundless Style and a self-drafted box-pleated skirt (using the term “self-drafted” extremely generously here…), and added the waist tie from the Simplicity pattern. I also made one small alteration to the bodice pattern: instead of sewing the pleats as per the pattern, I actually stitched them together as in my original inspiration, The Little Tailoress’ version. I also added a pocket, of course, because what is even the point of making your own clothes if you don’t add as many pockets as possible?


The fabric is a rayon that I believe came from Lincraft (too long ago, sorry!), and it has an absolutely wonderful weight and drape to it and a beautifully luscious, soft feel to the touch. I also chose to add in piping (like I said, I was taking my time to do things slowly and properly on this one!) on the collar, yoke seams, waist ties and sleeves and I love the look. As per usual, I constructed this one on my Singer, using my overlocker to finish the seams and my Janome for the button holes. Instead of lining this dress, I prefer to wear it with a slip/cami + half-slip – which is very authentically vintage! The buttons (which I LOVE), were a Spotlight buy. And of course, I added one of my special little “Made by Maddy” custom labels as a finishing touch 😉


Happy to say that finishing this piece of really rebooted my motivation for sewing – I cut out two new projects the day after finishing it! I’m extremely excited about them, and can’t wait to share them with you soon! 😀


Until next time,

Miss Maddy xx



  1. MayravB · July 8

    Oh, it’s beautiful! I love the colour and the DRAPE and the piping. The shape of the whole dress is so, I dunno, graceful? It’s really lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Let's Get Sewing · July 8

    This is gorgeous! I love the buttons you used, as welll as the piping.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Maddy · August 18

      Thanks! I was so happy when I found those buttons 😀


  3. Elizsews · July 8

    Looks fantastic MissMaddy, love the contrast piping and perfect fabric choice for draping style. A must-wear on March17th😉☘️

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  4. Hila · July 8

    Oh my! It’s stunning!

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  5. Regan Louise · July 8

    This is beautiful! You really shine in this outfit!

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  6. Colesworth · July 10

    Lovely details on this dress, great combination of different elements and looks great on you ;o) It’s not often that I find fabric that I like in Lincraft, but occasionally they have some gems!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. poppykettle · July 31

    Oh it’s lovely – the drape of the fabric in the skirt, especially!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Maddy · August 18

      Thank you! Same here, I’m so glad I went with the rayon! 🙂 x


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